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Common Sense for Common Ground


about me.

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I am Caitlin Tannehill Oxford.

Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Sister. Small business owner. Farmer.

I’m a wife, mother of 5, sister, friend, and Nona to a beautiful granddaughter. I graduated from Elkins High School and attended the University of Arkansas.  After leaving a major corporate transportation industry position to focus on family, I have owned and operated my own business for the past 18 years helping other families in need. I have worked countless hours over the past 19 years volunteering in my children’s schools being actively involved in their learning. Over the years, I have served as PTO President, volunteered on several school committees to help improve our schools, coached softball and soccer, led Girl Scout troops, and helped with Cub Scouts.

I am currently a member of the Junior League of NWA, serve as Secretary for the Elkins Lions Club and Friends of the Elkins Public Library and I am on the board of Ozark Folkways in Winslow.

With the foundation of my faith and at the urging of my community members, I am pushed…I mean, pulled…to step up and serve us better. Ephesians 2:10


I am re-running for Arkansas State Representative District 25.


I will work for the people. ALL the people, because elected officials represent ALL of us, regardless of different views and political affiliation.


I am the voice that brings common sense for common ground. 


Those that know me, know the head on my shoulders. I will not parrot national parties, vote blindly along party lines, or entertain distractions by special interest groups. I will support policies that benefit YOU and ALL the families in OUR community. That’s what our community is all about. 

about us.

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Caitlin was born & raised in the Fayetteville/Elkins area. She is the daughter of Jon & Mary Tannehill. Kyle is a small-scale, non-industrial farmer essential to local food security as a vendor at Farmer's Markets in the area and who proudly holds an

Industrial Maintenance degree.


Caitlin and her husband, Kyle, met when they were 10 years old at North Street Church of Christ in Fayetteville. They are a family of seven to Lily, Emma, Roan, Klint, and Karis. Together they are Nona & Peepa to their beautiful granddaughter, Stella.


The family lives together on Caitlin’s childhood farm outside of Elkins and provides assistance for her retired parents. They also own and work a farm in Goshen, where Kyle grew up on the multigenerational land of Oxford Bend. Together, they raise cattle, goats, chickens, ducks, and host a farmhouse Airbnb.

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Common Sense for Common Ground.

Local Representation.

Arkansans know what Arkansas needs.

We need elected officials who will listen to the people they represent and not pre-written talking points handed to them by a political party. Our country is divided more than ever and we need to focus on bridging the gap. We need to work together to focus on the actual needs of Arkansans, not distractions or fake problems created by others. 

We need common sense for common ground. 


Public dollars belong in public schools.

My mother served as a public school teacher in Elkins, Winslow and Fayetteville for 26 years. Her love and dedication to children receiving public education have influenced me over the years. Heavy involvement in my children's schools has given me critical insight into the public school system. 

I will continue to fight against defunding our public schools!

Our children deserve a good education in a safe environment. I graduated from a rural public school. All of my children have attended public schools. I will fight for sustainable teacher pay, increased benefits, and more incentives for 

paraprofessionals and bus drivers. 

Arkansans work hard.


We deserve to have affordable, quality health care and prescription drug coverage.


I support services that address mental health and homelessness, substance abuse, home health services, and children's healthcare.

I will support policies that support them.


Dist 25



Caitlin Oxford with
Rep. Denise Garner.

All districts in Arkansas were redrawn after the 2020 Census. A large portion of what is now District 25 was formerly District 84. Because of this change,  Representative Denise Garner no longer serves this area. 

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